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TOP COLUMN Feature Story - After 2015 season -

An equal chance to win.

For the annual ranking of THE WORLD 2015, only some leading players had the opportunity. Those top players include Lourence Ilagan, Leonard Gates and Boris Krcmar.

The Croatian giant player in tears


Boris Krcmar grabbed the top position in the ranking. The Croatian player geared up from the mid-season, defeated tough opponents and shined as the winner at the end.
Not only the amazing reversal win, Krcmar has made it to the top of THE WORLD for 2 years in a row.

After completing his intense matches with marvelous results, he loosened up a little and showed some tears.
"I am so glad that I could complete this season with the best outcome. I wasn't at my best in the first half of the final but I could change it from the last half and win at the end. I will be the winner for 3 years in a row next year, and I will get the victory in GRAND FINAL as well." said the player.

Ilagan may be stronger?


Lourence Ilagan follows Krcmar as the runner-up in the ranking. Although he missed the top position, the Philippine player is as strong as the Croatian. Some even consider that Ilagan is stronger. The difference of the cumulative points of those 2 is just 13: 170 for Ilagan and 183 for Krcmar. Ilagan was absent at STAGE 4. If he finished STAGE 4 within top 64, he would have been the best in the annual ranking. Krcmar's average point per stage is 26.1 while Ilagan's is 28.3. The stage Ilagan missed has changed their ranking positions.

Gate's first attendance at all stages


Leonard Gates participated in all stages of THE WORLD this year. This top 3 player is well known in the US since some years before. He used to have the world record of the BULL MASTER (Now replaced by Krcmar). Gate's outstanding performances pleased his fans in this season.

GRAND FINAL to be held in next year


The STAGE 2 winner, Adrian Gray occupied the 4th in the ranking and THE WORLD's favorite regular, Paul Lim followed on the 5th. They posted good records constantly but missed the top 3 positions at the end of this season.

It is also notable that we had excellent local players in each venue such as Norhisame Atan in Malaysia and Jeremiah Millar in Canada. Especially, many darts enthusiasts gathered at the first-time stage in Malaysia where darts popularity has been growing tremendously in the past several years. THE WORLD develops in various ways reflecting the venue cultures. I am looking forward to enjoy the performance of the players across the world.

Will anyone prevent Krcmar from becoming the top for 3 years in a row next year? Who will grab the glory in GRAND FINAL that will be held for the first time in 3 years? THE WORLD 2016 will start in May next year. What kind of story can we see at the first stage in Las Vegas in the US?

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