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TOP COLUMN Feature Story - STAGE 3 Featured players -
Shaun Narain
Name Shaun Narain
Age 21
Home Town Canada
Rating 17
Darts Career About 14 years
──Major achievements
  • Champion, Canada Open(Steel tip darts)
  • Champion, Americas cup youth(Steel tip darts)
  • Runner-up, THE WORLD 2014 STAGE 2
──What did you think about THE WORLD STAGE 2 France?

It was hard to play against great players as I was nervous and couldn't get enough sleep. I tried to stay calm although I was nervous, but the nervousness got me at several times. For the match against Haruki Muramatsu, I was defeated by him one week earlier at a PDC tournament. I was thinking about the revenge for the loss. I couldn't play as I planned at some games. So I was very disappointed in myself. My emotions took over and I got angry and behaved toward Muramatsu as if I had an overly aggressive personality. I will have to act accordingly from now on to show that I do not.

──Tell us about your feeling toward STAGE 3 China

I would just like to have a good time at STAGE 3, and show everybody that I am a nice professional player.

THE WORLD 2014 STAGE 2 FINAL MATCH - Shaun Narain VS Haruki Muramatsu

Cai Jun
Name Cai Jun
Age 28
Home Town China Shanghai
Rating 17
Darts Career 4 years
──Best performances and wins
  • Ranked 5th in 2012 China Soft-tip Darts Tournament
  • Champion, 2013 Yangtze Delta Tournament
  • Champion, Nanjin, Shanghai and Taizhou STAGES
  • Champion, 2013 Shanghai Soft-tip Darts Tournament

I want to be one of the BEST 8 players.
I would like to set a personal best.


I am looking forward to see great performances by Chinese players.

Deng Yin
Name Deng Yin
Age 33
Home Town China Kunming
Rating 16.98
Darts Career 7 years
──Best performances and wins
  • Soft-tip darts Champion of China: 5 times
  • THE WORLD BEST 8: 2 times
──Regarding STAGE 3 CHINA

For me, the keyword for the competitions is "State of mind".
When I focus on the fact that my worst enemy is myself, not other players, I can be calm and get better records.
I would like to give all I can for the upcoming matches and get good results by overcoming my weakness!


It would be nice to have more stages in THE WORLD in next year (probably, 8 stages).
More DL2 machines in China would be great.