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Attention to players participating in THE WORLD 2019 STAGE 5 HONG KONG.
When traveling and staying in Hong Kong, please monitor Hong Kong local media, local transportations sites and embassy/consulate websites for the latest news and participate in THE WORLD tournament at your own risk.

The event organizer reserves the right to cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the event organizer or in the case of Force Majeure*.

Force Majeure
Includes and is not limited to the event organizer being unable to perform its obligations, organize or hold the event, or secure the safety of the event participants due to protest, riot, civil disobedience, uprising, march, revolt, assembly, demonstration, occupation, commotion, mass gathering, war, insurrection, sabotage, terrorist attack or the likelihood of such event or act.

If the organizer decides to cancel the event, the announcement will be made on the official website and SNS.
Please be aware that the announcement could be made right before the event.

Should STAGE 5 HONG KONG be cancelled, paid entry fee for STAGE 5 shall be fully refunded.
The organizer shall not be liable for any direct, or indirect, consequential or special damages that may be incurred due to such cancellation, including, but not limited to, airfare, hotel expenses, cancellation penalties and any other private expenses.

Please refer to the listed websites for the latest information.
*Information is not limited to these sources, please also refer to embassy/consulate websites and other news sites.

■Information on the Demonstrations
>> The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
>> U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong & Macau
>> U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong & Macau Official Facebook
>> British Consulate General Hong Kong

■Website of Local Transportation
>> MTR (Hong Kong Metro)
>> Hong Kong International Airport
15 September, 2019, at THE WORLD 2019 STAGE 4 TAICHUNG, a new champion has been born.
At the end of an intense battle, the victory went to FB Leung (Hong Kong)!

FB Leung (Hong Kong)
- TARGET, Fit Flight, DARTS Market

Mitsuhiko Tatsunami (Japan)
- DMC, L-style

[BEST 4]
Boris Krcmar (Croatia)
- Dynasty, L-style, SHADE

Enzo Liao (Taiwan)
- L-style