STAGE 2 FRANCE Entries Open Wednesday 17 April 9:00 *France Local Time,

Entries Close
Wednesday 5 June 8:59 *France Local Time,

*Please note that we may close the entries before the date without prior notice when all 256 spots are filled

>> For STAGE 2 Outline

>> Official website for "DARTSLIVE OPEN 2019 FRANCE" available soon!
Event Date: Sat 15 June - Sun 16 June
THE WORLD 2019 rules and tournament schedule pages have been updated.

In order to improve the tournament operation, part of the rules have been adjusted. Players who will be participating in THE WORLD 2019, please pay attention to the changes.

■THE WORLD 2019 Rules

■Tournament Schedule

If you have any questions, please contact us by filling in the form below.

<Important Changes for THE WORLD 2019>
. Change in TOP LADIES Award selection method.
. Change in tournament entry flow.

<Other Updates>
・Added tournament outline of SOFT DARTS WORLD CUP 2019.
Starting from 2019, the new THE WORLD entry system will be used.

1. User Login
Please visit below link to create your player's account.
※All players must create the player's account in order to apply for STAGE entry. THE WORLD ID and password which used in 2018 or earlier will be invaild in the new system.

User Login:

2. Entry
After created the account, you will be able to visit the Entry page. For the STAGE(s) which has started the entry period will be availble for selection.
※For DARTSLIVE PREMIUM MEMBER, please input your DARTSLIVE card ID. Once the system has confirmed your membership, the entry fees will be adjusted automatically.
※For the STAGE(s) which the entry has not yet started will not be shown on page.

3. Payment
Players will be able to pay immediately by credit card or request for a Paypal invoice for later payment.
※Kindly note that extra +USD20 will be charged if requested for a Paypal invoice.
※The Paypal invoice will be effective for 2 weeks only after issued.
If you have any questions on the entry fees, please contact WSDA before completing the payment.

4. Entry Process Completed
After the payment is confirmed, your entry process will then be completed.
You will receive an e-mail from WSDA which have the details about your entry.
※If you do not receive the e-mail, it might due to below issues:
.Your provided e-mail is incorrect.
.E-mail domain settings issues.
.Your payment did not complete due to some reasons.

If you have any questions regarding to the entry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are very proud to announce that「THE WORLD 2019」will be held. The season opener will be held in April in Malaysia.
Rest of the schedule and details will be announced very soon so please look out for further information on our official website and facebook.

Furthermore, SOFT DARTS WORLD CUP 2019 will be held as a concurrent event.

In April 2019「SOFT DARTS WORLD CUP 2019」will be held in Malaysia, which will determine the best Soft Darts National Team in the world . More details will be announced soon.

It is a tournament which will determine "The best Soft Darts National Team in the world".
Members will be selected through their own qualifiers to make National Teams in every country. No doubt that every player will need an impressive ability in order to survive the tournament. But more importantly, teamwork will be the key to the Champion.

We will stream the final competition of this season,
"GRAND FINAL" live from Hong Kong.

▼ GRAND FINAL Live Webcast
Sat, Dec 1 13:00 Hong Kong Local Time
>>>Click here to watch

You can watch all the matches of the "WILD CARD TOURNAMENT"
live on our official Facebook page on the day before GRAND FINAL.
The top 4 will earn their spot in GRAND FINAL.

Fri, Nov.30 10:30 Hong Kong Local Time
>>>Official Facebook Page

We will also show the video of GRAND FINAL of the 2016 season for 24 hours! Don't miss it!

▼2016 season GRAND FINAL
Limited Release:Sat, Nov 24 13:00 to Sun, Nov 25 13:00 Hong Kong Local Time
>>> THE WORLD 2018 GRAND FINAL webpage